Olga Stefatou - Solar Impulse, The Historic Flight

Olga Stefatou - Solar Impulse, The Historic Flight

Olga Stefatou is an independent photographer and photography specialist at the organization of Qatar Museums. Her personal work focuses on the exploration of individual freedom in relation to tradition, science and geopolitics. Her work has been presented in art venues in Greece and abroad. As a photojournalist she has collaborated with international media (Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Amnesty International, NBC, Le Monde, The Economist, Vanity Report, etc.). In 2015, Olga participated in the groundbreaking scientific project Solar Impulse 2 - The First Flight around the Earth with the use of solar power. She has photographed in countries of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, having a special love in Myanmar, who she visits since 2006. Olga Stefatou studied photography at TEI of Athens. In 2012 she received the title Master in Journalism Media from the University of Bolton, in Beijing.


Solar Impulse 2 is the first aircraft to complete the Earth's circle using only solar power. The Swiss pilots André Borscberg and Betrand Piccard launched the mission on March 9, 2015. Within 16 flights, 40,000 km and 17 months, the SI2 wrote history, while carrying out a message on the efficient use of renewable energy sources. The photographer Olga Stefatou participated in the mission covering from its starting point in Abu Dhabi, UAE to Nanjing, China.


photo credit: © Solar Impulse / Olga Stefatou /