Andreas Messinis - The upper dark gardens of the sky

Andreas Messinis - The upper dark gardens of the sky

Introducing astrophotographer Andreas Messinis, who has "clicked" and highlighted through his camera, the beauties of nature, both in the day and the night which he particularly loves.


The starry sky, as a painting which is constantly changing, was a field to develop multidimensional action. It gave and still gives him different incentives each and every time he's ready for a photo shoot. Every “corner” of the sky, depending on the way you look at it, “hides” a new discovery and an adventure, which is generously offered by the night and Andreas Messinis does not miss the opportunity to immortalize it.


He is born, for that, with no doubt.


His photos have won admiration and in every projection and exhibition they steal the impressions and detach the best reviews. As a “night whisperer”, Andreas Messinis aims at transferring the joy and serenity of a photography to his viewers and at the same time to “travel” them to nature!


The Exhibition “The upper dark gardens of the sky” travels us to the endless gardens of the night, where the galaxy and the celestial phenomena make the atmosphere unreal. A journey full of adventure with many alternate feelings and a great escape to a "world" that myths pop out through images and fairy tales come alive to pure desire.