Pelagia Karanikola - African Color

Pelagia Karanikola - African Color

Pelagia Karanikola was born in Athens in 1982. She is a champion of swimming and finswimming with many distinctions at European and World Championships. She studied Computer Engineering. In 2004 she began her work in photography, initially for the completion of her graduation thesis - the website for the Prefecture of Rodopi - her work included capturing faces, landscapes and buildings of the wider region. In this way, she discovered a totally new perspective and has since begun to photograph everything that interested her, with an emphasis on sports events and concerts. In recent years, she has combined her love for the wet element and photography, capturing activities that take place above and below the water’s surface.

Her trip to Senegal for Surf lessons with Ikaria Surf School and WayOut Adventures, was the occasion through which she discovered a world full of colors, faces full of smiles, fun and harmony with nature. She captured all the emotions these visuals emitted through images that she wishes to share with everyone through her collection of ‘African Color’