S.K Extreme - Extreme Activity…Made In Greece

S.K Extreme - Extreme Activity…Made In Greece

 A few words about our exhibition…

“Extreme Activity…Made in Greece” photo exhibition is a trip to the magnificent pictures that the magic world of adventure sports offers. It’s a tour to Greek landscapes and the people who love these kinds of sports.

The common characteristic that all our photos share, is the powerful bond which is created between the man and the natural elements when they are seen in their most aggressive form.

All our work has a background, Greek landscapes in different geographical spots captured in various-usually extreme- weather conditions. Τhis is the reason why we gave our exhibition the title: “Extreme Activity…Made in Greece”


Participants:  Stefanos Kiorpelidis

                        Stefanos  Koulakis

                        Zefi Zourou    

About   S.K. Extreme Activity:

Our group was formed about a year ago when we decided, a group of photographers and   good friends, to join our knowledge and experience on photography and film making.

What we all have in common is our willing to work hard for that we love, for nature and extreme sports.

For us, people’s need to create memories when dealing with their favorite hobbies, is very important. Our aim is all these memories to be captured in the nicest way through our photographic lens.

The source of inspiration and creation for our group has been our trips to Greek natural beauty, the fascinating world of extreme sports and their effect on people’s personality.    

“Simply ride something somewhere and we’ll be there for you”