Alekos Asimakopoulos - The art of climbing though a series of sketches

Alekos Asimakopoulos - The art of climbing though a series of sketches

The exhibition

A look at the ferocious and unruly cliffs of the Greek mountains through the pen and the pencils of a climber trying to render something from this unsurpassed setting.




Alekos Asimakopoulos is a cartoonist and mountaineer ... Αt an early age due to his background was found to listen to the rhythms of the mountains and soon it began to determine his life. He studied graphic design and worked in many graphic arts studios, but at the same time he was walking and climbing in the mountains. Giona, Alps, Scotland, Himalayas were important stations in his life .. there were some of his dreams becoming reality. At some point, he realized that he would like to convey a part of his experiences to new people who would like to make their first steps in the mountains and expand his activities in the field of education as a trainer of the Hellenic Mountaineering Climbing Federation. At the same time he began to combine his two great passions .. the design and the unparalleled alpine world ... he designed maps, sketches and mountains in many forms with nature-centered work and since then he climbs in the mountains, trains and sketches the slopes and peaks found and those that he dreams to find ... giving meaning to his life.