From compass to the timer

From compass to the timer

I have enjoyed the mountain running since its birth in Greece for over 35 years now. What brought me close to it was its unruly and free character, tying adventure and sport to a strange and explosive mix. I wandered lonely on long days of excursions, competed in races, organized contests. But what's left after all this? What conclusions have I came to and what lessons have I learned? How much better can we get through these experiences? What's the younger one worth keeping?


Lazaros Rigos was born in Tinos in 1961 but grew up in Thessaloniki. He discovered the mountain and adventure from his teen years organizing excursions with friends. Soon the long-distance wanderings in unknown areas brought him closer to mountain speeds and mountain runs before it became a concept in Greece. He participated in 1986 in the first race in Greece and since then his passion for this strange combination of sport and adventure led him to the creation of competitions that in turn made the sport more widely known in the country. Founder of Olympus Marathon (2004), Rodopi Ultra Trail (2009), Olympus Mythical Trail (2012) and many more. He took several initiatives to promote mountain running in Greece. Founder of the Adventure Zone website (2001), through which emerged adventure and endurance sports. For the past ten years he has been living in Litochoro, in the shadow of Mount Olympus.