Vanesa Archontidou & Christina Flambouri: A woman can be

Vanesa Archontidou & Christina Flambouri: A woman can be

Vanesa Archontidou (mother of two boys, Director of Marketing in a multinational company and an amateur climber) and Christina Flambouri (working in a large multinational company and a lover of nature and mountaineering) met in the mountain. In addition to their personal action, they participated in 5 large high-altitude missions: Mount Kinabalu (4095m, Malaysia), Mount Aconcagua (6962m, Argentina - the highest peak in America), Mount Elbrus (5642m, Russia - Europe), Mount McKinley / Denali (6192m, Alaska, USA - the highest peak in North America) and Mount Carstensz Pyramid (4884m, Papua - the highest peak in Oceania).


During these missions a strong friendship was created as well as a dream to conquer the 7 summits (the highest peaks of all continents in the world) as part of A Woman Can Be ( The goal of A Woman Can Be is to promote Greece, promote women's (athletic & other) achievements and, above all, support the perpetual pursuit of top personal goals that are pillars of happiness and inspire the collective vision.


Neither professional alpinists nor female athletes ... just 2 women who are fascinated by great goals and long trips. Without budget, but with great passion and stubbornness, Vanesa and Christina have a different personality and a significant age difference. The love for mountain and nature has joined them, and the need for escape from the city's routine ... that's why they started together an adventure trip to the 7 highest peaks of the world's continents.