Dimitris Korres: The adventure as a need in

Dimitris Korres: The adventure as a need in "the neat societies"

Dimitris Korres was born in Athens in 1952. From 1968 to 1983 he was into rock climbing, writing books and tourist guides, organizing schools and introducing some innovations (the first artificial variable climbing wall he presented in 1976 at an international climbing banquet in northern Wales). Achieving a lot of difficult, for the time, tours in the Greek mountains, the Alps and England. Between 1968 and 2018, he has dealt with many different occupations related to design, craftsmanship and engineering, such as Architectural Impressions - Remodeling, Wooden Structures, Motorcycle Repairs, Graphic Designs, Decorations, Architecture, with some awards and participation in Viale in Venice, Sculpture with participation in international exhibitions, Special Civil Engineer and Mechanical Engineer and has worked as a Consultant and scholar in special issues of major projects in Greece and abroad.

Also, during the period 1990-2018, he has participated in moving of real estate (buildings, major ancient constructions, more than 100 such subjects in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey). Co-operation with NTUA - University of Thessaly - School of Mines, Colorado.

In the period 2000 - 2014 he has been involved in the design and construction of four prototypes of vehicles P1 - P2 - P3 - P4, of which P4 is the first international all - terrain supercar.

He has been married four times and he has four children.

From the endless adventure of humanity to survival and growth, to the prosperity.
 The command of stability - permanence - security and the pursuit of adventure outside of these contexts.