Stefanos Kontos - Making the art into adventure. The underwater Gallery

Stefanos Kontos - Making the art into adventure. The underwater Gallery

Stefanos Kontos is a photographer and a free diver. His artistic work is entirely underwater, which is done without diving equipment, with the technique of "single breath". At the same time, he is involved with the in the field - underwater - photography of free diving instructors, research and arts events all over the world. He has participated in international exhibitions and his work has been promoted in reports and tributes of the international press
In order to promote and highlight the unique view of free-diving photography, he has been devoted to capturing the underwater landscape of our country, seeking to raise public awareness of the importance of interconnected environments in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. The artistic result of this activity has been depicted in 3 visual collections - "Reef", "Vithos" and "Mythos", and includes photos from dozens of submarine sites, from the Sporades and the Corinthian Gulf to the Cyclades and the Eastern Aegean.
Art and adventure.

Our ambition to present the dynamics of free-diving with visual arts was, in the end, a bigger adventure than those illustrated by the photos. The installation-realization and filming of the exhibition proved much more difficult than if we had imagined it. Despite the many tests and adaptations, nothing could prepare us for real conditions with waves of beauties on the surface and unpredictable currents in the bottom and caves. The team of "on a single breath" with determination and strength, made superhuman efforts and made it impossible. An entire gallery was placed in a submarine cave, with a breath!