Nikos Maggitsis -

Nikos Maggitsis - "7 summits" - Multicultural mountaineering target

Nikos Maggitsis - "7 summits" - Multicultural mountaineering target

The completion of the "7 summit" project and, in addition, the hiking mission to the North and South Pole, brings the multicultural journey into a both physical and mental human ordel. Starting in 1994 in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and ending in March 2008 in Carstensz Ryramid in West Papua's jungle, sports training, coupled with the mountaineers' psychological strain, achieved the completion of his goal through a long cultural journey. Achieving such a goal requires dedication, self-denial, specialization, perseverance and patience. The result is more than mountaineering / climbing fulfillment it is also cultural knowledge. We met people and tribes around the planet, we lived with them, we learned from them.

Nikos Maggitsis was born in Agria, Volos in Pelion. He has studied at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of Komotini with postgraduate studies in the field of recreation and a dissertation entitled "Reaction time at high altitude". As a trainer, he works at the Volos Mountaineering Club (Athletic Climbing Department) and in the Municipality of Volos (Department of Tourism). Nikos Maggitsis has organized and implemented 44 expeditions of athletic survival across the globe. He is the first and only Greek to have completed the "7 summits" project climbing the highest peak of every continent, as well as being the only Greek to have reached (hiking over more than one parallel) the North (2000) and the South Pole (2003). We have to mention his achievement regarding the trekking of the Tunisian Sahara desert (180km in 90 hours, 2001), the Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia (154 km in 54 hours, 2005) and the first winter crossing of the Aegean Sea through solo kayaking, from Limnos to Volos (170 miles in 102 hours) in 2002.

Nikos is married to Sonia Athanasiou and they have two children: Maria (4 years old) and baby Apostolos (9 months old).