A restless man, a fantastic adventure and a book

A restless man, a fantastic adventure and a book

Since I remember myself, I "play" in various ways in the mountains, the seas and the rivers, often with little or even lesser risks I learned to manage and control. I experienced so happy and intense moments that led me effortlessly in writing a book, a fantastic story. "Odysseus' journey to Symi" describes a seaside adventure in the Aegean that includes everything I think about life, the feeling of freedom, joy and death.


Tzortzis Milias was born in Athens in 1958. An old champion of mountain skiing and water skiing, after the end of his athletic career, he was very engaged in sports in nature such as mountaineering, kayaking and climbing. He has been a teacher, a mountain guide since 1998, and has repeatedly opened and imagined numerous climbing routes, some of which have become classical. At the same time, he has done a lot of work with children, creating together with his brother, Ion Milias, the adventure company "MILIAS CAMPS" and inspiring children and adolescents. Always creative, Tzortzis Milias collaborates on a permanent basis with the magazine KORFES and has written books related to chemistry, education and sports in nature. His latest book is a novel, "The journey of Odysseus to Symi", a kayak adventure in the Aegean with many extensions.