Is there any metaphysical study on the mystery that pushes some people to feel joy when their feats are broken by some younger and stronger?

And what study can explain that they themselves are learning and pushing these young people to dismantle any old boundary, to make them "hang their shoes"?

But are things simpler? A look back at Ch. Beloyianni's athletic life - with the hand in his heart - shows what always existed there. His story was focused not on him but on his Grand Masters who sowed the seed of the Deal. The "harvest" on the palm.


Christos Beloyiannis was born in 1963 and grew up in Athens.

He graduated from Athens University of Physical Education and Sports and later received a Masters Degree in Athletic Recreation with a diploma thesis on predisposition to Risk. With the same subject he is currently studying as a doctoral candidate.

From a young age, he showed a predisposition to sport. As an athlete of wrestling, he won the Greek Championship and since 1980 he has been invited to the National Team. He remained there until 1990 and took part in Balkan competitions, Pan-European and World Championships.

After the end of his career he dealt with his other love, nature. As a climber, he quickly became famous after a series of well-known uphill slopes in the Alps and the Himalayas. His harsh ascents in Greece's slopes seem to have changed the winter climbing season in Greece.

At the same time, he dealt with every mountain sports and mainly with kayaking and rafting, where he became the first qualified drivers with recognition from the French Federation.

He became a Mountaineer and quickly a Greek Mountain Guide. In 2005 he became the first UIAGM International Mountain Guide after 5 years of training.

He has published 3 books on mountaineering, climbing and teaming techniques, while he has been a partner of EKEPIS, OTEK, OEEK. He has taught at IEK and KEK and as a visiting professor at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of Athens.

He worked at the ECOA as a technical racing climbing adviser and organized the Bouldering World Cup in 2000 in Konitsa under the "Eggath" in which he was a co-organizer. She currently works in Higher Education as a Physical Education Teacher.